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Frederick County Public Schools Impact Grants

Admiral Byrd Middle School

Given the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, childhood obesity is on the rise. Obesity has tripled among children and young adults while doubling in adults within the last thirty years. With this alarming increase of obesity, children are at risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and psychological disorders. Even though one change may not stop the epidemic, we want to promote lifestyle choices to improve lifetime fitness, which, in time, could lead students to regular Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MPVA). With the use of FitStep ProPower Plus Pedometers, students in the R E Byrd Middle School PE classes will be able to monitor their steps, track activity time and set their MVPA goals during health classes. The results would be to promote healthy lifestyle choices and also promote group growth as a class, while teaching students to master the skill of self-evaluation.

Apple Pie Ridge Elementary

The grant will provide a classroom set of Rekenreks to be used as a resource for Title 1 Math and classroom teachers at APRE. Rekenreks are a math manipulative, similar to an Abacus that helps support the natural mathematical development of children. It is used to help them generate a variety of addition and subtraction strategies as well as developing computation skills and solving contextual problems.

Music Classroom Speakers
Apple Pie Ridge Elementary

The grant will be used for SmartBoard speakers for use in the music classroom. The teacher will use them to teach the various aspects of music listening, which the students will then write down what they hear in the music. Students will demonstrate body movements to represent what they hear. When students can clearly hear the music (which they could not without these high quality speakers) they will be able to more accurately describe what they hear.

All Frederick County schools

This grant will expand the braille library within Frederick County Public Schools. Seedlings Braille Books for Children is keeping visually impaired children in the mainstream of popular literature and is reaching braille readers in all 50 states. Seedlings contribute to literacy by providing visually impaired children equal opportunity to develop the love of reading.

Broadcast Journalism
Millbrook High School

With this grant the Millbrook Journalism department can expand into Broadcast Journalism. Currently, the BlueXpress staff updates their online newspaper daily and produces a double-truck print paper at the end of each school year. The staff has grown from one class session of 11 students to two sessions this year with 40 students. As the field of journalism changes in the real world, this will give students the opportunity to work with all types of media. The videography team will receive a grade for each project as well as an English credit at the end of the year for passing the course. This grant will help fund a Canon Camcorder, memory card, with all the necessary accessories, a handheld mic, boom pole and other equipment.

Visual Media
Millbrook High School

This grant will purchase video camera tripods and SD cards as well as accessories to a Go Pro action camera. These video accessories are beneficial to students and encourage both orthodox and unorthodox use of media, visual literacy, and technology skills to create project-based learning assignments. Students will use this technology to create college application videos, persuasive presentations, and collaboration activities in blogs. Research interviews, etc. Students will be required to complete an outline, script, storyboard, film, edit and publish their final products to the class blog.

Virtual reality Glasses
Millbrook High School

With the purchase of Virtual Reality glasses with this grant, students studying a world language will use the Virtual Reality glasses, smartphones and virtual reality apps to simulate real world travel adventures. Traveling to foreign countries is an expensive learning experience and out of reach for most students. Using the VR glasses will help provide an affordable and real-world solution. The students will create a trip itinerary, make observations, and ask questions and research answers about their virtual trip. They will record and discuss their findings and will create a travel log in the target language about their trip.

Summer Reading Program
Orchard View Elementary

The librarian has opened the library the past two summers on three Wednesdays in July. The goal it to allow students an opportunity to keep reading a variety of books during the summer by having access to the library. Crafts and snacks are provided along with the theme of the day’s book, which is read by a storyteller, followed by book checkout. In 2015-16 the program was expanded by offering STEAM based activities.
Stonewall Elementary

This grant purchased a subscription on With this program, students are able to receive one-on-one support in areas they struggle with. The VA SOL are aligned to the content presented in all topics, including language arts and math. With this subscription the teacher is able to target specific areas the students are having trouble in, as well as track their data towards mastering the SOL.

GIS trip
Sherando/Millbrook/James Wood High Schools

This grant supported a day trip to the Capitol in Richmond for the Gifted Independent Study students from all 3 high schools. The students were invited by the local delegates and senators to tour the Capitol and be guests in the gallery to hear and see the ongings as legislation is presented, discussed and decisions are made. The concepts for GIS are “community” and “connections” for the fall and spring semesters respectively. The students would have the opportunity to observe the legislative “community” and see how the “connections” between constituents and legislators are made and how these connections impact proposed legislation.


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