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Fairfax County Public Schools Impact Grants

Developing an Innovation Lab for Engineering Design
Cunningham Park ES

Our goal is to begin a STEM program and Innovation Lab using Engineering is Elementary (EIE) materials. The lab will provide students and teachers the environment and materials necessary to participate in hands on problem solving. These experiences will incorporate advanced academic students, ESOL, and special education students. Many students will never have these opportunities unless we expose them to these experiences during the school day.

Balanced Literacy: A Secondary Approach to Supporting All Readers
Glasgow Middle School

Implementation of this grant project will offer something unprecedented in FCPS secondary schools: the embedding of Balanced Literacy, a powerful instructional model, into the curriculum. Students are challenged by rigorous reading, specifically with vocabulary, making inferences and identifying the main idea. The potency behind Balanced Literacy relies on text-readability, choice, and student-level instruction, which enhance engagement and enrich teacher-student relationships.

Full STEAM Ahead
Forestdale Elementary

Engineering is Elementary engage students in problem solving using real world situations and the engineering design process to enhance their skills as critical and creative thinkers, problem solvers, communicators, collaborators and innovators. This program will be implemented school wide in grades 1-6 Engineering Adventures is an engineering curriculum process. This program will be implemented school wide. Engineering Adventures is an engineering curriculum that will be delivered to our Young Scholars in grades 3-5.

Global STEAM Classroom Initiative
Centreville Elementary School

The GSCI is an innovative virtual global classroom where 5th grade students work with their peers in Costa Rica to learn about and identify environmental challenges in both communities. Through Project-Based Learning, our students will work on integrated teams to solve a common challenge. Students will then travel to universities in their respective communities (GMU/UCR) to jointly present their research through Google Hangouts in front of an audience of professors and graduate students.

Digital Citizenship and Social Media in Middle School
Franklin Middle School

With this grant, students at two Region 5 middle schools will learn about and develop curriculum resources for peers around digital citizenship and reputation, effects of cyberbullying, and positive use of social media. Some student products may be used in the new Digital Citizenship teacher training being developed by FCPS Instructional Services and added to eCART as resources for other FCPS schools.

Kids at Hope
Interagency Alternative Schools

Kids at Hope is a cultural framework with a vision that every child is afforded the belief, guidance and encouragement that creates a sense of hope and optimism, supported by a course of action needed to experience success at life"s four major destinations; Home & Family; Education & Career; Community & Service; Hobbies & Recreation. Kids at Hope inspires, empowers, and transforms schools, organizations serving youth and entire communities to create an environment and culture where all children experience success, NO EXCEPTIONS! In short, Kids at Hope transforms the expression "at risk" to "at hope."

Cultural Proficiency
Bailey’s Primary

This program will develop teachers' and students’ cultural proficiency, by creating diverse classroom libraries and providing students with meaningful interactions with peers from our partner school, Kings Park Elementary.

Centreville Pyramid (Centreville Elementary, Liberty Middle, Centreville HS)

The initiative will ignite the foundation for a love of STEM-learning with afterschool robotics clubs at all levels of the Centreville Pyramid. The Initiative will make Robotics and Cooperative­STEM Learning available and accessible to ALL students in the Centreville community, will create life­changing opportunities at high school-level engineering and competition, and open access to STEM careers for the underserved students in our community.

LEGO Education to Supplement Science
Hybla Valley Elementary

Through the use of LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Ready Go and Simple Machine Classroom Kits we will support science instruction in our 5th grade classes. Our school has committed to having at least 70% of 5th grade students demonstrate proficiency on the 2017 Grade 5 Science SOL test. We will use the materials and activities in the Lego Education kits to provide a technology rich and student centered learning environment that encourages collaboration between students.

Debating Pros and Ambassadors
Terraset Elementary

The goal of this initiative is to build student skills and confidence and to create student leaders at the school. Fifth graders with research and debate current topics, engage in persuasive writing and learn public speaking and debate skills.

Westfield Cares
Westfield High School

This initiative will build on existing programs and supports for students to enhance their compassion, respect and care for themselves and one another. The non-profit organization, Actively Caring will support these efforts through training and workshops to encourage and empower our student leaders to take ownership of creating and sustaining a positive school environment and overall high school experience.


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