Apple FCU Foundation is a charitable giving institution that makes a focused commitment to serving the community.


Executive Director:
Steven F. Sengstack

Meg Carnes (Communications)
Mike Engley (Operations)
Pat Gorondy (Scholarships)
Judy Marx (Administrative)
Louise Porter (Grants)


Calanthia Tucker, President
Robert L. Sowell, Sr., Vice President, Secretary
R.C. Bosley, Treasurer
Steven F. Sengstack, Executive Director
Suyi Chuang, Director
Carolyn M. Custard, Director
Dave Dickens, Director
Mark Karangelen, Director
Larry Larsen, Director
Vincent J. Randazzo, Director
Erin Vergara, Director
Linda Whitfield, Director


As a public charity, Apple FCU Foundation is committed to prudent management of funds and open disclosure of financial activities. Below find key documents that provide the facts and figures.

Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Incorporation
IRS 1023 Application
IRS Determination Letter
Tax Return IRS Form 990
W-9 Form