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Fauquier County Teacher Induction Program

School Division: Fauquier County

Number of Students: 11267

Number of Teachers in Division: 923

Name of Teacher Induction Program:

Program Overview:

Fauquier County has a multi-tiered mentoring program that includes 4 levels of mentors plus coaches.
  1. Two lead mentor teachers at the division level. Each also has a full-time teaching responsibility. For the 2016-17 SY, a retired instructional supervisor will also work overseeing the lead mentors. This individual will work to enhance the accountability of the mentors.
  2. Each school has identified a lead mentor for the individual building.
  3. . Each new teacher is assigned a mentor. These partnerships are either grade level or content level matched.
  4. Retired teachers are assigned to work with zero year teachers. They work closely with the teacher to whom they are assigned.
All lead mentors receive a stipend; the individual mentors earn recertification points for their work. The division selects the division mentor; the building principals select the school lead mentor and individual mentors. The selection process varies among buildings. Training for new teachers occurs 1 day prior to the work week. There are 2 meetings during the year with the lead mentors. Building lead mentors meet during year with mentors/ees.

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