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Frederick County Teacher Induction Program

School Division: Frederick County

Number of Students: 13327

Number of Teachers in Division: 1203

Name of Teacher Induction Program: Bridges to Success

Program Overview:

A key feature of the Frederick County Public Schools new teacher induction program is a tiered mentoring approach for teachers in the first three years of employment. Building administrators, with the collaboration of the departments of Human Resources, Special Instructional Services, Student Support Services, Instructional Technology, and Assessment provide new teachers a program that is structured, focused and aligned with the Division Comprehensive Plan and teacher evaluation system.

Year One: Professional development tailored exclusively to meet the unique needs of teachers new to the profession and those new to Frederick County Public Schools. Five monthly sessions will focus on topics often found to be challenging to new teachers and to more experienced teachers learning the culture of a new school division. Topics include lesson planning, classroom management, parent conferencing, grading, and working with special populations such as ESL and special education students. Sessions are planned and led by Lead Mentors based upon feedback and input from new teachers and mentors.

Year Two: To provide sustained support and mentoring, second year teachers attend three monthly sessions serving to build on the previous year’s learning and deepen their understanding of initiatives already in place in Frederick County Public Schools. Topics include effective and meaningful assessment, alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment, and teaching with depth through critical thinking and problem-solving opportunities.

Year Three: Third year teachers grow as professionals, through options for continuing education, professional conferences, and leadership opportunities available through their schools, the school division and professional organizations.


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