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Manassas City Teacher Induction Program

School Division: Manassas City

Number of Students: 7728

Number of Teachers in Division: 578

Name of Teacher Induction Program: Teacher Education and Mentor (TEAM) Program

Program Overview:

The purpose of the Manassas City Public Schools’ Teacher Education and Mentor (TEAM) Program is to develop, retain and support high performing teachers working for Manassas City Public School Division (MCPS). The program focuses on all newly-hired teachers to the division, both beginning and newly-hired experienced teachers. The program is designed to:
  • Support teacher performance through continuous professional development in order to enhance student achievement
  • Increase retention
  • Promote personal and professional well-being by establishing a supportive community of new and experienced teachers
  • Help new teachers understand the various components of the Teacher Evaluation System
  • Reinforce the school division culture and help staff understand the mission of Manassas City Public Schools
  • Ensure our students have a quality teacher in every classroom, everyday!

Since there are differing needs for teachers new to Manassas City Public Schools, we offer two tracks in the TEAM program. Teachers who do not have three years of teaching experience will be entered into the three year Beginning Teacher Program. Newly-Hired Experienced Teachers (NETs) will participate in an one year transition program.

The first year of the TEAM Program will support teachers as they apply their knowledge of teaching and share resources in a community of learning. There will be formal meetings with division and building level peers and mentors. All beginning teachers will attend monthly division-wide meetings where topics include:

  • All standards from the Virginia Teacher Evaluation
  • Classroom Management
  • Components of our learning framework
  • Technology
  • Assessment
Building specific questions and procedures The second year will support teachers as they integrate new research and practices into their teaching and classrooms. Second year teachers will attend bi-monthly formal division meetings. Discussion topics for this year include:
  • Clarification of standards on the Virginia Teacher Evaluation
  • Various topics based on teacher survey results

In addition to division level meetings, teachers will also have the monthly building level meetings where they can create a collaborative community within their school. These meetings are facilitated by the Building Lead Mentor and mentors will be in attendance with their mentees.

The third year of the program will support teachers as they work independently to identify a focus area for the year and do research to find strategies to implement that will improve that area. They will set a goal, research strategies, implement their findings, monitor progress of students, and share their findings at the end of the year. This year of the program will include mentoring at the building level.


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