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Manassas Park Teacher Induction Program

School Division: Manassas Park

Number of Students: 3400

Number of Teachers in Division: 256

Name of Teacher Induction Program: Positively Awesome Start (PAWS) Program

Program Overview:

Manassas Park City Schools developed the PAWS program to meet the needs of newly hired educators and to build the schools’ capacity for developing teacher-leaders. The program emphasizes a division-wide, systematic approach to provide both formal and informal mentoring sessions, and professional development experiences. The PAWS program is a comprehensive three-year set of activities that involves central office personnel, school administrators, and teachers.

“On-Boarding” Experience – Three days are planned for new teachers to become acquainted with the division. Teachers meet with central office staff to learn about MPCS’s history and culture, HR benefits and programs, certification requirements, and general policies and procedures. Teachers work in their home school to review curriculum, instructional materials, and become familiar with technology resources.

Mentor Program – Mentors conduct a formal program that discusses various topics essential to new teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom. Year 2 of the program focuses on building teachers’ expertise and reflective practice. Year 3 features sessions about career development and leadership opportunities.

Mentor Development and Training – Mentors participate in a half-day workshop on coaching colleagues. Throughout the year, mentors meet with school and central office staff to share various aspects of the program and ideas about coaching peers.

Professional Development – MPCS provides job-embedded professional development opportunities to mentors and mentees that build teachers’ repertoire and use of skills in the classroom and their professional lives.

Evaluation – consists of session evaluations, formal and informal discussions, and surveys.


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