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Apple FCU Education Foundation is committed to investing in teachers and learning. In 2009, the Foundation began focusing its support on school division grants to provide advanced education for teachers new to the profession. The foundation now works closely with eleven school divisions to provide comprehensive teacher induction programs. An evaluation provided by Apple FCU Education Foundation’s external evaluator provides analysis and insights into program outcomes.

Local School Network

Since our support of new teacher induction programs began in 2009, Apple FCU Education Foundation has provided grants to eleven school divisions totaling 5 million. Over 12,000 new teachers have participated in eleven area school divisions: These 11 divisions have programs underway; Clarke County, Falls Church City, Fairfax County, Fauquier County Frederick County, Loudoun County, Manassas City, Manassas Park, Prince William County, Shenandoah County, and Stafford County.

Teacher Induction NetworkRepresentatives from eleven school districts meet at Apple FCU to collaborate about their plans to help new teachers.

Participating school divisions have organized into a regional collaborative that meets regularly to share information and resources.  We organized this think tank group, called TIN (Teacher Induction Network), as a way to multiply Apple FCU’s significant financial commitment to new teacher support.

The TIN group meets face-to-face twice yearly and virtually exchanges ideas year round on a collaborative web site. They learned from each other, collaborate on best practices and share resources across school division boundaries.

This type of sharing among regional school divisions is uncommon, yet all members of the network extol the great value the collaboration brings to their work.

What is Teacher Induction?

Teacher induction involves those practices used to help new teachers become competent and effective professionals in the classroom. Induction programs also help develop an understanding of the local school, community and cultures. Research shows:

  • The first year of teaching is predictive of success and retention in teaching.
  • New teachers are more influenced by their first school setting than by their teacher education.
  • Supported teachers can influence many things, use a wider variety of teaching practices, and offer more challenging activities to engage students.
  • Supported teachers have better planned instruction, a wider range of materials, more confidence and better classroom management.

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